Monday, 13 October 2008

second year shame

Today was good…….
I think I understand marks work better now, we watched a show reel of his work, some of which I had seem before. It’s amazing how much media coverage he gets and how quickly newspapers pick up a story and run with it. I couldn’t help but notice during the news reports the anchors doing there best to look very disapproving (especially the women, one even shock her head is distaste!)
But I wish I didn’t get so nervous when is came to the video recordings. It was fine then the person next to say 'your next’. And the space felt so big and empty I was all on my own but people were watching. I really annoy myself sometimes.
I’m looking forward to doing the ‘performance’ art history, I could just make up the history of Alfred Jarry and everyone would take this to be the truth (except I wont of course.)

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