Wednesday, 15 October 2008

BEING animal/thinking ANIMAL

Video from first class with Mark:

I’m Thinking about 'being animal' project, but not getting very far. I might just try and film some bits and see what happens, i should stop over thinking everything and just do it because its fun. Actually I was in our studio today, and usually when I’m in there my mind goes BLANK. Think its something about all the white walls and the pressure from other students around me(I feel like there watching ME )anyway I looked at the space and saw it not as a place to sit but a place to climb, explore and change. Boards have been left up from the final degree show and there’s a space in between the wall and the boards. A non-space were only dust goes. Just the sort of place my cat would explore… ..... And as for Alfred jerry all I know is that he loved to drink and put on crazy plays.

ALSO I want to work out these small interventions I can construct at the Tate on Monday. Found this video ages ago of some sweet performances at Tate Modern, this is just the kind of thing that makes me wish I thought of it first( link )

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