Monday, 27 October 2008

deep play/dark play

I have to take a risk
I have to do something that scares me ( and that could be embarrassing and make me stand out)
The consequences could be good or bad.

I want to take a RISK. Push myself further, do something that I no maybe I shouldn’t be doing (and that’s the whole fun) ……danger?
To do something half hearted is worse then doing nothing at all.
But its easier to stay at home and do little drawings (of buildings and memories) and drink tea.
Its effort to go out and do something in the REAL world
Something that brings on shame
Embrace the shame and then you will be powerful (!?)

I need to protest.
But who for, or against?

Artist/people I have looked at for ideas are Daniel Lehan, Mark Thomas and of course Mark Wallinger.

Mark Thomas a comedian and campaigner, among other things , is protesting against not being able to protest. So against the Serious Organised Crime and Police act 2005, which prevents any demonstrations around and in Parliament Square. With out prior notice to the police. the last event that was organized attracted over 100 ‘lone protesters’. In 2006 he was added to the Guinness Book of Records for most demonstrations held on one day, 20 individual protests in 20 different locations.
Everyone wants something to change even if as little as FREE TEA for students???????
The Serious Organised Crime and Police act could (probably was) have been brought on as a result of Brian Haws peace protest outside parliament.
Mark Thomas (2004):
" ...Now they wish to evict Brian from his place of protest. Maybe because he is an embarrassment to such a war mongering government. Whatever their reason it is wrong. A democracy that can not stand one man and some placards outside its front doors doesn't seem to have much faith in itself. That is why I support Brian for Parliament."(From Brian website)

Artist mark Wallinger recreated this protest for a Tate Britain show. See at

Daniel Lehans work which is witty and straight to the point. Nice I think you will agree!

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Daniel said...

Hello Natasha, thank you for your interest in my work.

Do you know about the monthly 2nd Thursdays events at The Montague Arms - along the road from Camberwell - in New Cross Gate curated by Frog Morris ?

Next one is November 13 - an evening of intimate and informal performances by various live artists commencing at 8.30pm.

best wishes