Sunday, 11 January 2009


Proposal for performance at the Bunhouse 22nd Jan 08

This exhibition falls on my 21st birthday. Some might sat this is a big event other may disagree.
In my family there are certain tradition when it comes to birthdays, rules that have to be followed. For example the order in which things are done is very important, the cards that come in the post must be opened first, then gifts from siblings, next gifts from other family members (aunts/ uncles) and lastly gifts from parents are received. During this lengthy process of present unwrapping all family members must be seated around the birthdaygirl/boy watching as they carefully unwrap each present .If someone need to go to the bathroom/or there is any sort of interruption the process is suspended, and only continues when everyone returns.

A handful of these rules used to be carried out by the children of the family, but now as we have become older the parents have continued to sustain them. Perhaps due to fear of what the stopping of tradition will do? One of these is a banner that is hand made for each birthday. ‘Happy birthday (name goes here)’
They relentlessly get out the colouring pens and paper and knock up a paper banner the night before each birthday.

The reason I talk of these things is because this will not be happening on the 22nd January 09 because of this event and some other reasons.
I wanted to do a performance relating to the fact that it is my birthday and have come up with a few ideas:

I am an art that….

-Needs a replacement
I am a twin; usually we spend the whole of our birthdays together. However this year it is not possible so I have decided to find a replacement for the duration of the show.
I will place an add in the paper then through the process of interviews will employ this person to be my twin for the duration of the show.

-Re enters the womb
On my 21st birthday I will renter a womb like environment. I wish to escape the world around me and once again be is a state of blissful ignorance.

-That only has one winner
There is one egg and 1000,0000 of sperm
The race is on.
This is an interactive game that involves the audience .
I will be the egg (possibly there will also be another egg to represent my sister) and everyone who enters the exhibition space must be a sperm (they will wear made hats). The winning sperm is the first person to pull the ribbon from around my neck.

-Has many gifts
Everyone must bring a gift for me. I have to open the gifts in front of everyone .I will appear to love each present, no matter what it is. Because this is what you have to do on birthdays.

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